Jim and Cliff with the first recipient of the New Hope Scholarship, Coco.

Children’s Restoration Network was founded in 1993 by Jim Cox and Cliff Kinsey. Children and women with children are the fastest growing segments of the homeless population, meaning many children are finding themselves without the safety and comfort of a consistent home. Few agencies address the needs of this group. That is what motivated Jim and Cliff to begin working with a shelter that housed women and children in metro Atlanta. Each year since, our organization has added to the number of children and mothers served.

Today, Children’s Restoration Network works with 134 shelters and group homes in 19 counties. These shelters that CRN provides goods and services to house more than 3,400 children each night and more than 6,000 children each year. Volunteers have grown to more than 6,000 each year without which CRN would not be able to fulfill our mission. We have always worked hard to ensure a great portion of donations go directly to the children and mothers we serve. In 2016, more than 93 percent of donations went directly into programs. Over the past 25 years, CRN has now touched the lives of over 82,000 homeless children and 19,000 adult women.