Adopt a Shelter

CRN’s Adopt a Shelter program welcomes companies, schools, neighborhoods, social and civic organizations, or individuals to “adopt a shelter” during the holidays. CRN will match each group with a shelter or group home that has the number of children the group would feel comfortable adopting.

For example, at Christmas, a child is considered to be “adopted” if they receive $100 in gifts. If your group is willing to spend $1,000 CRN would pair your group with a shelter or group home with 10 children. CRN will provide your group with the children’s wish list so your group can purchase the gifts they desire. Your group then may have the option of hosting a party for the children or letting CRN take care of that part. Past parties have included going to the movies, bowling, or a pizza party.  It’s up to your group to decide how to make this time of year special for the children.

For more information please contact Cliff Kinsey at or (770) 649-7117.