fall 2015 Jennifer McMurray (2)A good education is vital in today’s world. Knowing this, CRN created the New Hope Scholarship for deserving, promising students who live in shelters or group homes.

Growing up in a shelter or group home often means frequent moves and new schools, a lack of personal attention from a caring adult, and a shortage of basic school supplies. These challenges make it difficult for children to maintain the B average that is required to qualify for Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship.

Here at CRN we believe every child deserves the opportunity to further their education after high school and no child should be hindered by the circumstances with which they grew up.

Since the programs origination in 2005, CRN has awarded 105 scholarships with the help of community partners including, The Georgia Compassion Project, the Osiason Educational Foundation, the Robert & Polly Dunn Founda0tion, and the John & Mary Franklin Foundation.

To apply for the New Hope Scholarship, applicants must submit:

  • A personal letter explaining why s/he should be chosen
  • A letter of recommendation from a teacher or shelter staff
  • High school records and extracurricular activities

To donate to the New Hope Scholarship or for more information, please contact Cliff Kinsey at cliff.kinsey@childrn.org or (770) 649-7117.