The New Hope Counseling Program was created in order to address mental health concerns for the youth and young adults CRN serves including our New Hope Scholarship recipients and youth living in our partner shelters and group homes. This program works in conjunction with our educational programs as studies have shown that when students are able to address mental health concerns they receive higher grades in school.

Many homeless or previously homeless youth and young adults struggle with symptoms of depression, anxiety, withdrawal, and post-traumatic stress disorder. CRN hopes to lessen the symptoms of these concerns by addressing them with individual counseling, group counseling, and community resource connections. The counseling program aims to build rapport and to establish a safe non-judgmental relationship in order for the youth and young adults to begin to work through some of the barriers that have been presented to them during their lives.

CRN hopes that through this counseling program, students are empowered to succeed with their educational goals while they are addressing any mental health concerns that could be hindering their success. CRN encourages students to not let their past negative experiences define themselves in the present and future and stresses the importance of the connection between mind, body, and social interaction.

For more information, please contact Ashley Morgan at or (678) 973-8410