Thanksgiving Food Drive

Providing Thanksgiving feasts fit for a king or queen. 

*This year, our Thanksgiving Food Drive will be held entirely online.*

Each November, Children’s Restoration Network hosts an annual Thanksgiving Food Drive to provide thousands of children with bountiful Thanksgiving meals. Our goal is to ensure that every child we serve receives a Thanksgiving feast fit for a king or queen!

The holidays are often a very difficult time for children experiencing homelessness. While their peers are chatting away about upcoming festivities, many of these children wonder if there will be any celebrations for them at all. Thanks to our generous community, we are able to give these children a Thanksgiving meal with all of the trimmings.

In recent years, CRN made it easier than ever to help a child in need by moving our Thanksgiving Food Drive to an online format. Now, with just a few clicks of a mouse, anyone, anywhere, can help feed a child for the holidays. By rallying our community and pooling our resources we increase our buying power and overall efficiency. This not only ensures your dollars go further, but also helps more children receive the support and resources they need each holiday season.